A lot of people may wonder whether we can migrate an operation system to new hardware just as easily as transferring files. Because most of the PC users, especially those server users, complain about the tedious task of buying computer with new hardware and installing the operating system and moving all primary settings and trusted applications to the new hardware. It's time-consuming and exhausting work and everyone wants to make it as simple as possible. If you decide that your server running the Windows Server software is no longer able to keep up with the demands of your organization, and expansion is not a viable option. you may consider migrating the Windows Server settings and data to new hardware with professional and effective migration.


Migrate To A New Physical Hardware With The Same Operating System Level.

Migrate To A New Physical Hardware With Latest Operating System Available.

Migrate To A Virtual Server With Same Operating System.

Migrate To A Virtual Server With Different Hardware Specification

The best thing about migrating to a virtual server is that we have control over the server and change the specification at any time. Today most of the companies run their entire server farm in a virtual environment where you have as minimum as two or three physical servers running few hundreds of virtual servers like each physical server. Which saves a lot of power and resources to maintain.

We eLink Technology will take this task and do the server migration to your company as much as possible with almost all the settings and data.

Our specialist team of Engineers are especially experienced in migrating the currently running old physical servers to latest Physical servers or a virtual environment such as a virtual server. Please contact us if you are looking for someone who specializes in migration.

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